“I use coconut oil for EVERYTHING!” Many women and even men who are developing a simple, healthy lifestyle are using coconut oil to cook with, use in salad dressings, moisturize their skin, at the beach… and why not? Coconut Oil has a powerful list of highly beneficial qualities, especially in our society with everything made from the chemical ingredients so it will be “better for us.” Our anti-inflammatory herbal lotion contains coconut oil, too.

While we are reviewing in this article all the powerful, super-extensive uses for coconut oil (and also the coconut water and meat too) let’s also review how the smell of coconut oil can instantly bring you to a calm, peaceful state of mind – like sitting on the beach! If that’s not enough coconut oil has soothing powers as well.

#1 Cooking with coconut oil
Important to Know: Coconut oil has the ability to cook at very high heat and not burn, turn black and ruin your stir fry. While the fatty acids are still in tact, you can add flavors which you wish to stir fry. While cooking, if you get a little on your hands, don’t wash it off – rub it in – to your arm or leg or even face!

#2 Where does Coconut oil come from?
Are you thinking – well from a coconut, of course. Well you are right, but not right off the tree! When I lived in Puerto Rico, we had coconut trees in the front yard, and we hired young Puerto Rican kids to go up and bring them down for us. We might have 10-15 on the back patio ready punch a hole in the top and pour out the coconut water, then chop chop with our machete to get into smaller pieces so we could spoon out or pry out the coconut meat. It depends on how ripe the coconut it, how moist or dry the meat is. But, I said water, not oil, and coconut meat. There is no coconut oil readily available in a coconut right off the tree; it is pressed from the white dried meat of the coconut.

#3 Why is coconut oil so good for our skin?
It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial qualities.  Caprylic/Capric Trigliceride, a fatty acid derived from the lightest part of the coconut oil, and this is one reason it is used in cosmetics. It not only has anti-bacterial qualities, but also anti-fungal and anti-microbial effects. This is perhaps why the combination of Caprylic/Capric Trigliceride is regularly used in cosmetic products. Since our skin is the largest organ in the body, this is a natural protection against both airborn and physical bacteria.

When I was visiting a natural pharmacy, I noticed small bottles of clear hand sanitizer. Surprisingly it was made completely from witch hazel and aloe vera. By adding the Caprylic/Capric Trigliceride to the witch hazel and aloe vera ingredients. which already assist with cleaning and protecting the skin, there is an added level of gentle, refreshing skin cleanser and moisture loss protection.  In this type of combination, the coconut oil is does not even feel like an oil, and is penetrated into the skin very well by the aloe vera. This is the case with Rixx Herbal Lotion which has a silky, smoothness and extremely unusual feeling of soft, soothing, natural absorption to the skin. Plus it offers subtle and highly valuable skin protection and beautification qualities.

As I mentioned above, for many of us who have used the coconut oil based suntan lotions, even the smell of coconut oil is relaxing and conjures up the beach experience, sound of the waves and all! But, some of us do not like to go about our daily life smelling like coconuts. Here is another highlight about Rixx Lotion: the combination of rich, clean, health supporting ingredients do not leave behind even a hint of coconut scent.

You will love the soft, completely unique, almost un-noticable essential oils and combined wealth of “nature in a bottle” with Rixx Herbal Lotion.