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Chiropractor recommends Rixx Lotion

I have been a chiropractor for over 30 years and have used many different lotions for muscle aches and pains. Recently I started using Rixx Lotion on my patients in my office. My patients can feel the difference immediately and often times ask what it is and if they can purchase a bottle. I would recommend Rixx Lotion to anyone, professional or private.

Rodney D. Ray, D.C. Vitanya Wellness Centers, Scottsdale, Arizona

Microderm Abrasion – Soothing and moisturizing!

After reading that Rixx can be used to remove make-up, I tried it and then thought – why not use it for moisturizing? I love it! I had a microderm abrasion last week and my esthetician remarked that my skin isn’t as dry as last time. Rixx is helping and I love the fact that it is all natural ingredients!

Sharie, Omaha, NE

Carpal Tunnel – no more cortisone shots!

I use Rixx for my carpal tunnel. I used to get cortizone shots and now I don’t need to any more. Actually when I’m having an attack of the Carpal tunnel, I just put on the lotion and its gone in about 3 minutes. One of the employees at Follow Your Heart, the health food store in Canoga Park suggested that I try it when I asked him for something to help reduce the pain rather than the cortisone shots. I was willing to try it, and I shared my bottle of Rixx Lotion with my mother in law, but now we each have our own. She works as a nurse and she is 75 years old, so she gets leg cramps and she just rubs Rixx on and they are gone. We came in to get 3 more bottles for the family. It’s worth the money!

Carmen F., West Hills, CA

Teddy bears knitted by Dorothy after using Rixx for arthritic fingers

Rixx was a gift from my friend and neighbor. It was a Godsend. Marie knew I had a sore knee , arthritis in both shoulders and osteo-arthritis in my fingers. I started using Rixx faithfully and in a month, I noticed the pain had gone.

I was knitting Teddy Bears for children in Africa and my hands were so sore with joint pain, I couldn’t knit in Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec, 2011. January 2012 was sure different. I was knitting non-stop & by the end of January I had finished 10 Bears. On the average, I made 4 Bears a month. Feb & March, I made 10 bears each. I have made 200 Bears since 2008 so I’m hoping to reach 300 by the end of 2012. Thanks to Rixx & Marie (see Marie’s testimony below about Neuropathy)

Dorothy Brown, age 83

Arthritic Pain Relief for Grandfather – Back to Doing what he Loves

I purchased a bottle of Rixx Lotion over a month ago for my grandfather. He has a bad case of arthritis in his legs, back and hands. I convinced him to use the lotion and told him that it would help him. Two days later, he was up and feeling better, much better!! He started cooking again!! That is what he loves to do on his own!! Thank you so much. I can say that this is a product that actually works!

Meshell E. Los Angeles, CA

Relief after many years of joint problems and pain

I purchased my first bottle of Rixx lotion after trying a sample at a networking event. I have joint problems in my hands. Rixx immediate soothing sensation and pleasant scent was a good first impression. The second was even better – results. I got relief from aching joints and swelling. Rixx is the real deal! Give it a try!

Karen H, Phoenix, AZ

Relief for hours from arthritic inflammation and fibromyalgia

I have received noticeable relief from using the Rixx Lotion product. I suffer from arthritic inflammation and fibromyalgia. It brings me relief for hours after massaging it into my hands, feet and legs. The scent is pleasant and does not interfere with my favorite perfume.

Lorna K, Phoenix AZ

Rixx helped with my bunyan surgery and arthritic hands.

I use the Rixx lotion every night on my feet and it has really helped with the healing after my bunyan surgery, plus it also relaxes my feet. My hands get arthritic symptoms especially during the rainy times, and it soothes the pain.

Marge C. Mesa, AZ

Great for my legs and the scent is AWESOME!

I am on my feet all day as a hairdresser, and my legs know it. I am using Rixx lotion on my legs twice a day. I love it. Plus, the smell is AWESOME!!!

Thank you!

Kim M. Scottsdale, AZ

We love the benefits of Rixx for the skin!

John and I both love the lotion. It has totally cleared up John’s back. He had super dry skin with red spots. It was all cleared up in two days. I’m ordering more lotion when we get back from Hawaii!

Carra & John South Lake Tahoe, CA

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