Living 100 Years!

Posted in Foot neuropathy, leg and foot cramps, leg swelling, Sore muscles on September 2nd, 2012
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Live to 100

Milfred age 100, loves her Rixx Herbal Healing Lotion for leg swelling

Are you planning ahead for living 100 years?  Mildred did and enjoyed a big celebration at her favorite Italian restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.  Whether we experience more pain/disease or more good health  influences our life expectancy.  Also, our worth barometer and our habits of taking care of our body have a big influence on our longevity! 

How long do you plan to live?  How are you preparing to have an enjoyable long life?   Rixx Herbal Healing Lotion can certainly help you to living 100 years.  Did you know that much of the pain or disease we experience in our lives comes from inflammation?  This is becoming more common knowledge.  We have even written our  free report “5 Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation,” to give more knowledge on how to avoid inflammation and enjoy life more. Just click on the bar at the top of the Rixx Lotion website to get your copy!    

Living 100 years

Living 100 years is now quite reachable. How can Rixx Herbal Healing Lotion help you?  Rixx is natural, made with witch hazel and aloe Vera, plus recently enhanced with Vitamins A, E and B5. Not only does the formula offer softening and moisturizing, but the penetration into the muscles allows witch hazel to work longer with its natural ability to reduce inflammation.  Joints feel better when the swelling is lessened.  

Mildred loves Rixx for the reduction of water retension in her ankles.  She was using Rixx for her arms and skin and did not realize that the benefit could be extended to her swollen ankles.  She is an example of a very positive person and wants to keep getting around and sharing with her friends ad family.  Even though she uses a walker to help her out, the lessening of swelling has made her life easier, and she was very excited to receive her 2 bottles of Rixx for her birthday present.    We are so happy to help Mildred celebrate her goal of living 100 years, and to contribute to making life for her more comfortable.  If you have a relative or friend who experiences swelling and inflammation, and finds their life more difficult because of it, suggest that they give Rixx Lotion a try.  Or you might give them a bottle for their birthday!  The Rixx Family is growing and happy!! Thanks for keeping in touch with us.  We appreciate you!