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Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation

  5 Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation    If you are in pain, don’t eat inflammatory foods.   If you are in pain, breathe deeper and longer   If you are in pain get your body balanced fast   If you are in pain check your ph twice a day   If you are in […]

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Leg Pain Relief from a Tree Trimmer – PALM TREES!

  Robert is a lot like many people with a job that they have to do, but it causes stress and pain every day. Leg pain relief needs soothing, healing daily care.  Rixx is light, fresh, easy to apply and natural. TREE TRIMMER GETS LEG PAIN RELIEF Click on the video above or this link […]

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Listen to a Happy Rixx User – about Pain Relief for Joints

Do you wish you had Pain Relief for Joints? Gina was very excited to tell us her experience  as we arrived at the Palm Springs Health Food Store where she is an employee.  She loves the gentle, refreshing and hydrating feel.  Listen to her tell about her thumb: Gina get an opportunity to talk to […]

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What do Customers say about Rixx Lotion after Using it?

There is a toss up for what both men and women say most about their Rixx Lotion   1) They love the FEEL   2)  They love the RELIEF   3) BUT, for sure they consistently use the word LOVE in their comments about RixxLotion after having used it!   Whether it is for sore […]

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Mothers Day is Sneaking up!

Mothers Day is Coming!

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Sport Pain Relief

    Sports injuries can Heal Faster with Rixx Support In sports, you push your body to stay in shape, but that often results in temporary pain and discomfort as the muscles adapt.  It is this aching that keeps us feeling slowed down, tired and depletes your energy.  When that draining feeling is gone, you […]

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Relief Arthritis Pain

Relief Arthritis Pain –  do what you love again! If this is one of your dreams, read on about a young lady whose grandfather is back to doing what he loves using Rixx Lotion. “I purchased Rixx Lotion over a month ago for my grandfather.  He has a bad case of arthritis in his legs, […]

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Rixx Lotion – Carpel Tunnel Treatment

Carmen shared her experience of using Rixx Lotion for carpel tunnel treatment, with delight and enthusiasm when we met her at Follow Your Heart Health Food & Cafe in Canoga Park, CA I use it every day for my carpel tunnel. I used to get cortisone shots and now I    don’t need to any […]

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Retired NBA Group Requests Rixx Lotion at Convention

This is a Retired NBA Convention in conjunction with the National All Star Game in Houston Texas next month!!  We are excited!  As athletes get older, their sports injuries return and “speak” to them through aches and pains in knees, sore muscles, and sore joints.  Rixx Lotion is honored to be included as a sample […]

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Rixx Lotion Anti-inflammatory     NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL          Extended!! 2- 2- 2 special – buy 2 – 8 oz Rixx lotion and get 2 – 2 oz travel/gym bag bottles free.  You pay $31.95 a savings of $19.00 which includes free shipping for a limited time.  Offer good until Jan 15 at midnight PST     Would you like […]

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