Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation

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reduce inflammation

  5 Healing Strategies to Reduce Inflammation 

  If you are in pain, don’t eat inflammatory foods.

  If you are in pain, breathe deeper and longer

  If you are in pain get your body balanced fast

  If you are in pain check your ph twice a day

  If you are in pain change your attitude






1)  Pain and injuries come in physical and mental form.




Headaches usually don’t come from hitting your head – they are usually produced from mental stress.


Stomach aches don’t necessarily come from food that was bad, often they are a result of fear or anguish “I feel like someone hit me in the gut.” And it hurts.




How do you tell when the physical doesn’t work and it is time to add the mental solution?




You have a shoulder injury and normal physical therapy isn’t working, even though you give it the time needed for the body to heal.




Often, there is a mental fear attached or a cause from the accident.


It could be in the present or it could be attached to an old accident or fear from years past.  This is when releasing the mental fear helps the healing process.




2)    Getting the body free of inflammation is vital to releasing pain




Using anti-inflammatory foods or anti-inflammatory medications or as in Rixx Healing Lotion, a topical anti-inflammatory all are important to balancing the body.




a) A diet with anti-inflammatory foods:  reference book, by Professor Arnold Ehret, “The Mucusless Diet”  (available on Amazon.com and many health food stores)


b) Drinking plenty of water with natural mineral content and increasing the Ph in the water allows the natural healing of the body to go to work.


c) Applying a healing topical application is effective in the long term. goal of reducing pain because it is helping the body replace healthy cells.


d) Hot and cold treatments to reduce inflammation works on many parts of the body.






3)  Breathing – The body needs more oxygen for healing process.




When we have pain, we feel like holding a breath longer, to numb ourselves, or avoid feeling the pain.  This creates tenseness in the whole body.   It can also be that there is a fear attached to the pain again.


When we breathe we are spreading oxygen into our bloodstream and oxygenating the entire body.




a)     Often breathing “into” the area of pain, increases the healing process. The reason for this seems to be that the increased blood flow and the oxygen in the affected area aids in the delivery of nutrients and enzymes etc to the affected cells.




b)    In many cultures of the world breathing is taught in exercise forms to maintain healthy bodies (yoga).  In India, they teach breathing where when you exhale, you put your tongue at the top of your mouth, which aides in balancing the entire body.




4)    Witch Hazel, aloe Vera and herbs for healing




Both witch hazel and aloe Vera which are contained in Rixx Herbal Healing Lotion are natural healers.  Witch hazel has excellent qualities of anti-inflammation.  Aloe Vera has been used to remove pain from burns for hundreds of years, starting in Egypt.






5)    Body balancing and cross-crawling




We don’t know that many of the problems of the body are because the “balance” has been lost.   When the body is “balanced,” it has a natural healing pattern, like tuning up a car or rebooting a computer.




When a part of our body has been injured, and we get out body balanced, it allows the electrical mechanism (nerves etc) to the direct the healing process.




Here is an easy exercise to balance your body:  Cross-crawling




What is cross-crawling?  It is like marching, the opposite arm and leg work in unison.  You can do it standing up like marching in place.  Or the best way to do it is lying flat on your back (this relaxes the spine).  You don’t even have to get out of bed to start this in the morning!




Here’s the secret:


Many of you have a short leg caused by a variety of things from driving a car, from not correcting your posture (sitting or standing), or possibly an injury has not healed.  Either way, the short leg affects your whole body.




How you can lengthen the short leg is by doing the cross crawl.






Lie flat on the bed.


Have someone measure your legs by seeing if the heals are the same length.


Turn your head away from the short leg.


Lift you left arm and right leg and put them down, then lift your right arm and left leg and put them down.


Continue until you have counted to 42.  This will take one minute or less.


Have someone check the lengths of your legs again.




Usually, the lengths will be the equal after the exercise.


If the length of the legs is one inch or more, it will take longer.
It is important that you make this part of your weekly routine.  Do it at least once a week, but if you are bothered by pain in the knees or legs or hips, doing this exercise daily will be extremely helpful to help the body correct the dis-balance and keep it balanced.




Note: This information is not meant to replace professional medical advice.




We at Rixx Lotion wish you the best of healing.  Please see real customer feedback on the Rixx Lotion page:  www.rixxlotion.com/real-customer-feedback

Leg Pain Relief from a Tree Trimmer – PALM TREES!

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Robert is a lot like many people with a job that they have to do, but it causes stress and pain every day.
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Listen to a Happy Rixx User – about Pain Relief for Joints

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Do you wish you had Pain Relief for Joints?

Gina was very excited to tell us her experience  as we arrived at the Palm Springs Health Food Store where she is an employee.  She loves the gentle, refreshing and hydrating feel.  Listen to her tell about her thumb:

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What do Customers say about Rixx Lotion after Using it?

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There is a toss up for what both men and women say most about their Rixx Lotion


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Mothers Day is Sneaking up!

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Mothers Day is Coming!

Sport Pain Relief

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sport pain relief    Sports injuries can Heal Faster with Rixx Support

In sports, you push your body to stay in shape, but that often results in temporary pain and discomfort as the muscles adapt.  It is this aching that keeps us feeling slowed down, tired and depletes your energy.  When that draining feeling is gone, you feel like your best self again!  Try Rixx Lotion to get your life back, and keep pushing to reach your sport goals with less distress.

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Relief Arthritis Pain

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Relief arthritis pain

Relief arthritis pain

Relief Arthritis Pain –  do what you love again!

If this is one of your dreams, read on about a young lady whose grandfather is back to doing what he loves using Rixx Lotion.

“I purchased Rixx Lotion over a month ago for my grandfather.  He has a bad case of arthritis in his legs, back and hands.  I convinced him to use the lotion and told him that it could help him.  Two days later he was up and said he was feeling better, much better!!  He started cooking again!!  This is what he loves to do on his own!!  Thank you so much.  I can say that this is a product that actually works!                             Meshell E.  Los Angeles, CA